Our Associates

Norton Consulting works with associates to extend what we can offer to our clients. These are companies that we are currently working with, have worked with, and will work with in the future.


GlobalCAE is a new venture in which Norton Consulting is a founding partner. It is an exciting venture with a powerful new new technology and infrastructure which leverages the latest technologies for information distribution.

Tribal Engineering

Tribal Engineering is a provider of products and services supporting the management of engineering knowledge, process and simulation. Norton Consulting provides engineering support services in the area of geometry and multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization including discrete (topology, etc.) and continuous (shape) methods.

An important partner of Tribal Engineering is Optimal Solutions. Working with them, Tribal Engineering is developing new technologies, methods, and processes for a more comprehensive approach to multi-disciplinary optimization.

Perpejulant Consultants Association

Perpejulant Consultants is a national leader in Human Performance Architectures and how to implement the latest performance analysis and resolution concepts to improve the performance of your organization. Norton Consulting provides support, especially in the area of technology and engineering looking at how best to provide an integrated performance/technology framework for your organization.