Solving Problems

Norton Consulting provides services targeted at improving the conceptual, design, analysis, and manufacturing process. With our associates, we are developing new techolologies, processes, and operational philosophies to reduce time to market and create better products in a high-performance environment.

We conduct discovery and analysis on your process and work with you to provide the best solutions for you.


Norton Consulting develops and customizes software applications for computational analysis and simulation, manufacturing, and integration into company's processes.

Process and Methods

With our software skills, we work with companies to improve their performance. For example, Norton Consulting provided development and installation support to Lockheed and Northrop to implement ground breaking visualization technologies for assembly and inspection of aircraft skins. We have also worked with small businesses to streamline the ordering - manufacturing - billing cycle, reducing cycle time by 50%.

Engineering Analysis and Optimization

Norton Consulting has and is leading efforts in the development of multi-disciplinary design and optimization methods in the Aerospace and Biomechanics industries. Efforts in the last year have included the development and implementation of topology optimization in the design process of a major biomedical company and groundbreaking work in the application of shape optimization for multi-disciplinary analysis.